Over the last 30 years I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the most amazing people. Unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control, I've had to close Supply Sergeant, and I deeply apologize for not being able to say goodbye to each of you personally. It was a great run of 30 years, and I am proud of what I accomplished, providing a unique store with a unique shopping experience. I made many lifetime friendships and have volumes of fond memories with staff, suppliers and customers. I wouldn't be the person I am today without the experiences you have all been a part of. There will be people that will be adversly affected by this closing, and I deeply regret that. I wish I could have remedied those issues before closing. If you are one of the affected, please contact me, and we can discuss. (info@supplysergeant.ca). I also recognize that there will be a hole left for the industries and customers the store catered to..... my hope is that other local business such as TST Canada in Spruce Grove, will be able to serve your needs. I know that many of you have good memories and stories of the store, and in celebration of 30 great years, I would love if you took the time to share some of your favourite Supply Sergeant stories on our Facebook page. (Please try and keep them within PG-13 ;) ) Thank you all for the love and support over the years. It really meant the world to me. - Ida

Thank you for your patience!