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ITW Picatinny QASM Ramp Deep Fire Piston - Full Teeth Guns Modify Lens Protector for EO-tech Scopes (551/552/553/556)
ITW Picatinny QASM Ramp
Our Price: $7.95
Sale Price: $4.95
Savings: $3.00
Deep Fire Piston - Full Teeth
Our Price: $12.95
Sale Price: $9.95
Savings: $3.00
The Picatinny QASM-RAMP is designed to mount, hold and/or organize any/all of your M1913 Picatinny mountable accessories. Introduce this ultra-modular capability to your kit for unlimited mounting options in any location containing 1” sewn webbing. The new Picatinny QASM-RAMP can be used in numerous scenarios, whether it is mounting your incident camera, flashlight, organizing your range bag, or storing your optics and other accessories. The Picatinny QASM-RAMP features a large base surface area for supporting heavy accessories and is designed to expand your mounting options beyond your weapons and helmet rails. Your sidearm rail-mounted flashlight can now be used anywhere. Convert your systems using the Picatinny QASM-RAMP and your options and modularity are endless.
ITW Part Number 660-0200-xxxx
Made of nylon and fiber
The first teeth are made of metal which is covered by a layer of titanium
For Tokyo Marui AEG series
Suitable for high power springs
Don't want your precious holo sight shot damaged? This one-piece CNC light plastic shield offers the best protection for your very valuable (and thus, expensive) holo sights. For those of you who own a real EO-Tech scope, this protector also fits the real the real thing, in which case you are protecting a VERY EXPENSIVE piece of professional equipment.

The shape is specifically designed to fit onto Hurricane / AABB / G&P sights, repeated tests have been done to verify the strength to be able to withstand normal airsoft guns' power; although, the main credit goes to the optical work: thanks to Guns Modify's latest technology, it gives no distortion to the viewer unlike most other sight protectors.
Magpul PTS MOE Vertical Grip - OD PANTAC Steel Sling Mount M4 Airsoft G&P Knight's Type Sling Clip Airsoft
Magpul PTS MOE Vertical Grip - OD
Our Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $19.95
Savings: $15.00
G&P Knight's Type Sling Clip Airsoft
Our Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $24.95
Savings: $10.00
FINALLY Magpul MOE foregrip AR users have a purpose built tactical front grip they can put to use that does not involve superglue or duct tape.

Not quite a stubby but not full sized either, this mid-length grip is just enough to get maybe 75-85% of a normal guy sized hand on it (or 100% if you have small hands) in full grip or broadly generous if you adopt the Costa-esque angled grip technique.

A hollow shell with broad walls, the lightweight, high strength polymer structure is rock solid but feather light offering increased grip with minimal impact on weapon mass.
Steel sling mount for M4 extendable stock. Metal sling swivel for any 20mm rail.
Madbull QD Sling Swivels - 2 Pack Ergo 18-Slot LowPro Rail Ladder - 2 Pack Swiss Arms Micro Laser Airsoft
Madbull QD Sling Swivels - 2 Pack
Our Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $29.95
Savings: $10.00
2 units of QD sling swivels:

Made of steel with black anodize and steel ball bearings.

1:1 real steel QD swivel dimension guaranteed fit to all Madbull handguard rails and buttstocks.
-ERGO LowPro Rail Covers protect unmounted rail areas from damage and shield the operator from sharp rail edges
-They prevent damage to gear, such as rappelling ropes, that may be abraded or cut by uncovered rail sections
-Santoprene covers provide a very low profile, rubbery grip surface for improved weapon control.
-Can be used for covers, protectors, spacers, locators and other add-on rail fixtures
The Swiss Arms Micro Laser features a red laser that mounts on picatinny rails, accessible switch and adjustable windage and elevation.
AIM XPS 2-Z Red/Green Dot & QD Mount Sight Airsoft - Dark Earth G&P Multi-Purpose QD Bipod
AIM XPS 2-Z Red/Green Dot & QD Mount Sight Airsoft - Dark Earth
Our Price: $109.95
Sale Price: $84.95
Savings: $25.00
G&P Multi-Purpose QD Bipod
Our Price: $109.95
AIM's XPS 2-Z Red/Green Dot & QD Mount is a modern sight in the Airsoft world that replicates the current red dot sight used by the US military. It handles well with simplistic operation.

Windage and elevation adjustable dot reticule different levels of brightness.

It drops right on to an accessory rail with a simple screw type rail attachment bracket.
Constructed with aluminum and steel, suitabe for 20mm rail.